At Martin Spring and Driveline we specialize in Heavy Duty, Custom, Light Duty, Foreign and Domestic Driveshaft Repair, Replacement and Rebuilds

Martin Spring is the only Driveline Specialists in Southwest Michigan with an on-site Driveshaft balancer

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Drive Shaft Replacement

Our Driveline Services include

Driveline repair, replacement and rebuilds

Driveshaft repair, replacement

Automatic and Standard Transmission Repair/Rebuilding, including Clutch Replacement

Transfer Case Repair and 4-Wheel Drive Repair

Transmission and Driveline Service and Maintenance, including transmission fluid changes


Common Signs of Driveline issues

Difficulty with shifting gears, gears slipping while driving or a lurching feeling when vehicle is switching gears.

One of the most obvious signs of a driveline problem is your check engine light.  

Unusual vibration of the vehicle can also be an indication of driveline issues

Grinding or whining between gears are also major red flags.

If you experience any of these issues Martin Spring and Driveline is here to get you back on the road. 

Our Services

Drive Shaft Replacement

U-Joint Replacement

Differential Components

Slip Yoke Replacement

Drive Shaft Services

Leaf Spring Replacement

Axle Shaft Replacement

Lift Kit Installations

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Driveline Services, Drive shafts, and More !


Contact us for driveline services or replacement in Kalamazoo Michigan and get your drive shaft issues or other driveline components taken care of by someone who has been in business in the Kalamazoo area for over 50 years.