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We offer lift kit installationservices including foreign and domestic vehicles. We are one of the premier lift kit
installation shops in the Kalamazoo Michigan area with a history of lift kit installations on all types of vehicles.

Lift Kit Installation

After market modifications come in many shapes and sizes and are a way for us to personalize our vehicles or for practical uses with trucks such as work or other reasons that a lift kit may be necessary to add to a truck.

There are 2 types of lift kits that can be used on a vehicle the use of a body lift kit or the use of suspension lift kits in this case we perform suspension lifts. With a suspension lift kit installation enabling you to install bigger tires that may be useful for you depending on your hobbies and or work load. Lift kits can make your vehicle perform to fit your needs however, there are things that you should know about installing a lift kit on your truck or vehicle.

Body Lift Kits

The purpose of a body lift kit is to lift up the body of your vehicle which is lifting the body up off its frame with the use of spacers. This enables you to have more clearance in the wheel wells of your vehicle basically enabling you to be able to install larger tires on the vehicle however this does not increase your ground clearance of your vehicle.

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kit installations will increase the ground clearance of your vehicle and are what is used in most trucks and SUV’s and is what we focus on here at Martin Spring. We can install suspension lift kits with installing new shocks and leaf springs allowing you to have the truck or SUV that you really want.

Performance and Maintenance

Whether you have a body lift kit installation or a suspension lift kit installation the performance of your vehicle will no doubt be different than what it was before the lift kit installation so be aware that it may

take some getting used to after the installation. Your vehicle will need to be maintained and the lift kit monitored to ensure best performance of your vehicle. You should keep an eye on your mounting bolts and or any bushings to ensure there are not things that need to be tightened or adjusted on the lift kits. Also it is the owners responsibility to understand that these lift kits after installation can increase the risk of sway while driving and also can increase the risk of vehicles turning over on sharp turns so, driving responsibly and with caution is important to remember.


Common Indicators

  • Loud clicking noise in the back or front of the vehicle when making turns
  • Grease on the inside edges of your tires
  • Vibration when driving

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