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Slip Yoke Replacement

Driveshaft yokes are located on the ends of the driveshaft. In most configurations, one yoke connects to the rear of the vehicle while the other yoke reaches into the transmission. The driveshaft sends power from the transmission and turns the differential, which moves the wheels. These connecting components help transfer your vehicle’s rotational energy from the transmission to the moving wheels. Many driveshafts are designed with a slip yoke at one end and an end yoke at the other end. The slip yoke allows for the length of the driveshaft to change with the motion of the suspension system as it reacts to the forces of the road. At the same time, the u-joints allow for changes in angle between the differential and the transmission. These components are designed to be flexible in order to maintain constant speeds and rotational forces between elements of your vehicle’s axle assembly.


Symptons of Possible Slip Yoke Failure

Loud Clunking Noises
Excessive Vibrations
Whining Sounds
Grinding or Squeaking Sounds

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