U-Joint Replacement

We offer U-Joint replacment services including foreign and domestic vehicles. We are one of the premier
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U-Joint Replacement

What is a U-Joint or Universal Joint

U-Joints are part of the drive line assembly and located at the ends of your driveshaft’s. they are part of the system that allow for compensation in height shifts between the transmission and rear axle all while in motion. This allows your driveline to function without causing problems with your driveshaft and or any other driveline components.

U-joint Replacement or Universal Joint Replacement

If your vehicle is making noise from under your vehicle it may be due to a bad or failing U-Joint and you may want to bring in your vehicle so, that we can determine whether or not your U-Joint may need to replacement. The replacement process involves us removing the driveshaft from the driveline assembly and this gives us access to be able to remove the U-Joints.

Bad U-Joint or Universal Joint Symptoms

There are 5 key signs that you may need a U-Joint replacement on your vehicle. If you have any of the symptoms described it is advised to contact us so that we can inspect and or replace your bad U-Joint properly.

1. Vehicle not moving at all. This is only occurs when the drive shaft is no longer in position in the driveline or has dropped out because the U-Joint has completely failed and has come out of the driveshaft causing the driveshaft to fall out of the driveline. This is also the worst case scenario

2. Squeaking from under your vehicle in the front or rear when starting to move both forward or reverse could be an indication of a bad U-Joint or Universal Joint.

 3. Vibration in the vehicle while moving or driving forward. This usually means that your driveshaft has too much play and is moving outside it’s normal range of motion.

4. A clunking with a ring sound when you go from drive to reverse. This may be a sign that you don’t have proper lubrication for the U-Joint however the U-Joint most of the time needs to be replaced if this symptom occurs.

5. Transmission fluid leaking from the rear of the transmission. This may be due to extreme wear and tear in the U-Joints. This causes issues in your transmission seals because of the irregular motion from the driveshaft due to the condition of the Universal Joint or U-Joint.

No matter what the occurrence is if you have any issues that you feel may be from any part of your driveline assembly or any other part of your driveline components please contact us to service or inspect your vehicles driveline today.

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